Rumble Series of Indoor Racing
‘‘Buckeye Bowl Indoor Midget Nationals’’
Ohio Expo Center Coliseum, Columbus, Ohio

Saturday, Nov. 1, 2008




Stanbrough notches first career midget victory
Classic Motorsports
COLUMBUS, Ohio – Jon Stanbrough has spent 20 years carving a reputation as one of the nation’s best non-winged sprint car drivers Saturday night, in a race that resembled something out of roller derby, the 41-year-old Hoosier put a few more notches on his belt.
Stanbrough, slamming and banging his way through traffic, outran Geoff Kaiser to capture the Buckeye Bowl Indoor Midget Nationals for his first career victory in a midget, first on anything other than dirt and first indoors – all in one fell swoop.
The driver known as The Silent Gasser didn’t even try to conceal his glee as he celebrated in victory lane at the 1/10-mile track in the Ohio Expo Center Coliseum.
“This is special,’’ said Stanbrough, who began dabbling in midgets about four years ago. “Being on pavement (actually, concrete) and especially to win for the first time in a midget – I never figured it would happen here. I’m really excited.”
Stanbrough, who started alongside Kaiser on the front row of the 12-car feature, made it happen with a hard-charging style that included occasional use of his front nerf bar. After running on Kaiser’s tail most of the way, he finally darted by with an inside pass entering turn one on lap 35 after his rival slipped high in the previous turn.
‘’People were banging me, so I had to bang him,’’ Stanbrough said. ‘’Maybe I got him flustered. Once I got past him, I didn’t make a mistake. I was lucky.”
Stanbrough pulled away to win by a half-lap in the 50-lap feature, with Kaiser settling for second, followed by newly crowned USAC Ford Focus champion Kyle Hamilton, 55-year-old Kevin Olson and Team Penske development driver Billy Wease.
Kaiser, the 2008 champion of the HOSS winged sprint car series, said a long green-flag stretch following three early caution periods played into Stanbrough’s strengths.
‘’I figured he was coming,” said Kaiser, 30, who made his indoor debut just last December at Fort Wayne, Ind. ‘’We were good for the short runs, but on the
long ones, the car kind of got away from us a little bit.”
Stanbrough got away from everybody in giving Rick Daugherty the early lead in the $7,020 championship point fund that Rumble Series promoter Tony Barhorst created to recognize car owners. The three-city, five-race indoor series continues Dec. 19-20 at the SeaGate Centre in Toledo, Ohio, and wraps up Dec.
26-27 at the Memorial Coliseum Expo Center in Fort Wayne.
Ken Schrader will join the Rumble Series regulars in Toledo, while Tony Stewart has confirmed that he will compete again at Fort Wayne, where he is one of the defending champions. Mel Kenyon, the 75-year-old driver known simply as Mr. Midget, also plans to race at both venues.
Sharing the spotlight with Stanbrough were Billy Murphy, who won the 600cc non-winged modified midget 50-lapper after Erick Rudolph crashed, and sprint car veteran Matt Westfall, who came from the back to win the Slingshot by Tobias feature. Zack Riddle doubled in karts.
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Rumble Series of Indoor Racing
"Buckeye Bowl Indoor Midget Nationals"
Ohio Expo Center Coliseum, Columbus, Ohio
Saturday, Nov. 1, 2008
Qualifications -- 1. Lou Cicconi Jr., 75, Cicconi, 7.056 seconds (breaks track record of 7.137 set by Jacob Wilson in January 2007); 2. Jon Stanbrough, 0, RAD, 7.065; 3. Geoff Kaiser, 10, Moore, 7.137; 4. Brandon Knupp, 15K, Knupp, 7.286; 5. Billy Wease, 99, Burrow, 7.286; 6. Kevin Olson, 14, RAD, 7.385; 7. Matt Westfall, 19, Ryder, 7.403; 8. Kyle Hamilton, 33, Hamilton, 7.462; 9. Joe Liguori, 28, Cottongim, 7.471; 10. Ryan Klingenhofer, 08, Williams, 7.479; 11. Tim Jedrzejek, 8, Williams, 7.585; 12. Tom Tolbert, 2, Fuhrman, 7.652; 13. David Fuhrman, 32, Fuhrman, 7.666; 14. Brian Buttler, 44, Buttler, 7.778; 15. Grant
Galloway, 84, Galloway, 7.833; 16. Kim Hughes, 53, Johncox, 7.838; 17. Tyler Nuckles, 56, Rencurrel, 7.852; 18. Jeff Wimmenauer, 15X, Wimmenauer, 7.922; 19. Rich Corson, 15, Corson-Savage, 7.942; 20. Mike Osite, 20, Osite, 8.766.
First heat (10 laps) -- Westfall, Cicconi, Knupp, Fuhrman, Klingenhofer,Hughes, Corson.
Second heat (10 laps) -- Hamilton, Stanbrough, Jedrzejek, Wease, Nuckles, Buttler, Osite.
Third heat (10 laps) -- Liguori, Kaiser, Olson, Wimmenauer, Galloway, Tolbert.
First semi-feature (12 laps) -- Tolbert, Wimmenauer, Wease, Hamilton, Buttler.
Second semi-feature (12 laps) -- Klingenhofer, Fuhrman, Galloway, Corson, Nuckles.
Feature (50 laps) -- 1. Jon Stanbrough; 2. Geoff Kaiser; 3. Kyle Hamilton; 4.
Kevin Olson; 5. Billy Wease; 6. Tim Jedrzejek; 7. Brandon Knupp; 8. Ryan
Klingenhofer; 9. Matt Westfall; 10. Joe Liguori; 11. Tom Tolbert; 12. Lou Cicconi Jr. Lap leaders: Kaiser 1-34, Stanbrough 35-50.
600cc Non-Winged Modified Midgets
Qualifications -- 1. Erick Rudolph, 72, 7.176 seconds; 2. Amanda Quinones, 00, 7.262; 3. Lou Cicconi Jr., 75, 7.296; 4. Timex Morgan, 2, 7.331; 5. Howard McCormick, 26M, 7.332; 6. David Williams, 3, 7.461; 7. Jason Ormsby, 51, 7.651; 8. Larry Fox, 28, 7.651; 9. Rusty Strausbaugh, 29, 7.677; 10. Billy Murphy, 711, 7.696; 11. Mike Osite, 20, 7.723; 12. Ben Taylor, 19, 7.736; 13. Jason Hentrich, 55, 7.748; 14. A.J. Lesiecki, 14, 7.750; 15. Ryan Nawrocki, 5, 8.009; 16. Bill Dunham, 84, 8.126.
First heat (10 laps) -- Ormsby, Morgan, Rudolph, Murphy, Hentrich, Dunham.
Second heat (10laps) -- Fox, McCormick, Quinones, Osite, Lesiecki, 68G.
Third heat (10 laps) -- Strausbaugh, Williams, Cicconi, Taylor, Nawrocki.
Feature (50 laps) -- 1. Billy Murphy; 2. Jason Ormsby; 3. Amanda Quinones; 4. A.J. Lesiecki; 5. Timex Morgan; 6. Jason Hentrich; 7. Lou Cicconi Jr.; 8. Howard McCormick; 9. Mike Osite; 10. Ryan Nawrocki; 11. Rusty Strausbaugh; 12. Bill Dunham; 13. Erick Rudolph; 14. Larry Fox; 15. David Williams.
Heat (8 laps) -- Gary Hieber, Nick Pecko, Kyle Hieber, Billy Vaninwegen, Bill Vaninwegen, Robert Moreno, Paul Lotier Jr., Rich Tobias Jr., Dave McCullough.
Feature (20 laps) -- 1. Matt Westfall; 2. Kyle Hieber; 3. Billy Vaninwegen; 4. Rich Tobias Jr.; 5. Dave McCullough; 6. Bill Vaninwegen; 7. Nick Pecko; 8. Robert Moreno; 9. Gary Hieber; 10. Paul Lotier Jr.
Senior Heavy Karts
First heat, round one (8 laps) -- Nate Gressman, Adam Unverferth, Cody Egan, Nick Bowers, Ed Vallette, Dustin Trost, Matt Dove.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) -- Michael May, Nick Herriven, Paul White, Daniel Hoffman, Jeremy Haudricourt, Justin Howard, Dustin Heath, Brian Cataldi.Third heat, round one (8 laps) -- Pat Emerling, Brad Bowers, Josh Pyers, Zack Riddle, Brandon Young, Robbie Sarchet.
Fourth heat, round one (8 laps) -- Brandon Dunn, Hayden Newcomb, Zach Axler, Josh McKnight, Ali Kern, Damen Bock, Gary Werner.
First heat, round two (8 laps) -- Vallette, Egan, Unverferth, N. Bowers, Ryan Hole, Dove, Trost, Gressman.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) -- May, Heath, Herriven, Hoffman, Haudricourt, Cataldi, White, Howard.
Third heat, round two (8 laps) -- Young, B. Bowers, Emerling, Riddle, Sarchet, Pyers.
Fourth heat, round two (8 laps) -- Bock, McKnight, Newcomb, Kern, Werner, Dunn, Axler
First semi-feature winner (8 laps) -- Riddle.
Second semi-feature winner (8 laps) -- Dunn.
Feature (15 laps) -- 1. Zack Riddle; 2. Brandon Dunn; 3. Michael May; 4. Dustin Heath; 5. Pat Emerling; 6. Brandon Young; 7. Hayden Newcomb; 8. Cody Egan; 9. Daniel Huffman; 10. Nick Herrivan; 11. Brad Bowers; 12. Adam Unverferth.
Senior Medium Karts
First heat, round one (8 laps) -- Michael May, Brandon Dunn, Devon Dobie, Nate Gressman, Cody Egan, Megan Short, Justin Howard, Ryan Moran.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) -- Brandon Young, Dustin Trost, Josh McKnight, Damen Bock, Jeremy Haudricourt, Josh Hansel, Nick Bowers, Paul White.
Third heat, round one (8 laps) -- Zack Riddle, Brian Cataldi, Hayden Newcomb, Robbie Sarchet, Adam Unverferth, Daniel Hoffman, Nick Herriven.
Fourth heat, round one (8 laps) -- Zach Axler, Dustin Heath, Pat Emerling, Ryan
Hole, Ali Kern, Brad Bowers, Gary Werner.
First heat, round two (8 laps) -- Dunn, Egan, May, Gressman, Dobie, Moran, Short, Howard.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) -- Young, McKnight, Trost, Bock, Haudricourt, Hansel, N. Bowers, White.
Third heat, round two (8 laps) -- Riddle, Newcomb, Hoffman, Herriven, Sarchet, Unverferth, Cataldi.
Fourth heat, round two (8 laps) -- Heath, Emerling, Hole, Kern, B. Bowers, Werner, Axler.
First semi-feature (8 laps) -- Gressman, Unverferth, Newcomb, B. Bowers,
Second semi-feature (8 laps) -- Dobie, Kern, Axler, N. Bowers, Newcomb, Bock,
Hansel, Werner, Haudricourt.
Feature (15 laps) -- 1. Zack Riddle; 2. Michael May; 3. Brandon Young; 4. Dustin
Heath; 5. Pat Emerling; 6. Adam Unverferth; 7. Josh McKnight; 8. Devin Dobie; 9.
Nate Gressman; 10. Ali Kern; 11. Dustin Trost; 12. Brandon Dunn.
Junior Heavy Karts
First heat, round one (8 laps) -- Austin Long, Cory Guingrich, Austin Allison,
Cameron Deckard, Kyle Dungan, Matt Farnham, Derek Hammond.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) -- Kory Crabtree, Alleca Kerker, Ben Worth,
Brandon Zavarella, Dustin Hammond, Tyler Ransbottom.
First heat, round two (8 laps) -- Deckard, Dungan, Farnham, Guingrich, Long,
Allison, De. Hammond.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) -- Worth, Ransbottom, Kerker, Zavarella,
Crabtree, Du. Hammond.
Feature (15 laps) -- 1. Ben Worth; 2. Alleca Kerker; 3. Cameron Deckard; 4. Cory
Guingrich; 5. Kory Crabtree; 6. Matt Farnham; 7. Dustin Hammond; 8. Brandon
Zavarella; 9. Tyler Ransbottom; 10. Austin Long; 11. Kyle Dungan; 12. Austin
Senior Caged Karts
First heat, round one (8 laps) -- Nick Welch, Chance Kloecker, Rick Dukes, Brandon Schnittke, Mike Hayes, Cody Prosser.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) -- Damen Bock, Daniel Hoffman, Mike Markle, Breanna Deckard, Nick Molnar, Ryan Moran.
First heat, round two (8 laps) -- Kloecker, Schnittke, Welch, Prosser, Dukes, Hayes.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) -- Bock, Molnar, Markle, Deckard, Moran,
Feature (15 laps) -- 1. Damen Bock; 2. Ryan Moran; 3. Breanna Deckard; 4. Daniel Hoffman; 5. Nick Welch; 6. Cody Prosser; 7. Nick Molnar; 8. Chance Kloecker; 9. Rick Dukes; 10. Mike Markle; 11. Brandon Schnittke.
Junior Caged Karts
Heat, round one (8 laps) -- Stratton Briggs, John Hawley, Cory Guingrich, Mikael Hinton, Josh Malott.
Heat, round two (8 laps) -- Hawley, Malott, Briggs, Guingrich, Hinton.
Feature (15 laps) -- 1. Stratton Briggs; 2. John Hanley; 3. Cory Guingrich.

Lucas Oil Quarter Midget feature results
JR Honda: Mox Price, Caleb Cagle, Jacob Stickle, Devin Adams, Garrett Johnson, Jared Leffel, Tyler Garner, and Seth Crandall.

SR Honda: Ross Rankine, Aaron Leffel, Cooper Clouse, Lane Spelman, Dylan Adams, Jonathon Lesiecki, Skyler Bray, and Drew Myers.

Heavy Honda: Ethan Mullet, Cole Howes, Daniel Lane Jr., Jonathon Lesiecki, Lauren Longbrake, Shelby Campbell and Nick Ley.

LT 160: Tyler Robinson, Cooper Clouse, Ross Rankine, Mox Price, Nicolas Hall, Richie Streicher, Drew Myers, and Jonathon Lesiecki.

Heavy 160: Ethan Mullet, Cole Howes Bryce Dickson, Craig Swartz, Shelby Campbell, Kelsea Kiene, Zachary Miller, Daniel Lane Jr., Nick Ley, and Jacob Huston.
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